About us
What is "Successful Own Brand"? This is respect for people whose opinion is important to you. This is an army of followers and sympathizers if you are a public man. This is an indisputable competitive advantage in what you are doing. It is an opportunity to conclude large-scale and profitable contracts. This is an opportunity to become a source of influence on the current opinion of the public. As a result, it is power, money and influence on making important public or business decisions. And all this starts with Reputation! And sometimes, if Reputation does not pay enough attention, then it all ends. This axiom is true for both individuals and companies.
Good Reputation opens any doors, bad - closes. In the modern world, people often forget about the importance of Reputation. But as Alfred Nobel said: "You can wash a shirt, never have a reputation." Today, in the era of Internet technology, this statement takes on another meaning. Of course, it's perfectly to prevent the contamination of your Reputation. But those who go ahead, who are ahead of others who succeed, there are always those who do not like it. Unfortunately, our fierce world is arranged so well. And these jealousies Today, your foes or non-virtuous competitors have enormous opportunities and mechanisms to infect your reputation or reputation of your case.
Fortunately, today there are also many technologies that allow not only to create the correct Reputation, but also to restore it! How to create and maintain a brand called "Reputation"? How to save the reputation? How to restore reputation? All or almost everything about Reputation is known by the specialists of the company "RMC group", whose name stands for Reputation Management Consulting, and our motto is "Creating Trends"! Are you a politician, a businessman, a show business star or a public figure in a different kind of activity? Or maybe you are the head of a company, a public organization, a fund or a partnership?
In any case, we can be useful to you! We have something to offer. The path to your success and recognition is based on your reputation. We are a team of professionals who have knowledge, experience and communication. We will conduct a study for you, develop the right strategy and use the most effective tools for its implementation. We will achieve the desired result with you! Today you are working on Reputation, and tomorrow Reputation works for you!